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A Tale of Two Home Births...

...As told in 25 photos. I have a few things I want to share first though.


The first thing is to say that because I attend a lot of out of hospital births (a little more than half) and because I’m showing these photos does not mean that I don’t enjoy or support hospital births! I support my clients making choices that are most suitable for them. This looks different for each family! And I have attended some pretty amazing hospital births in this city- medicated and non medicated, and even support through cesareans. So please don’t take this as me being anti-hospital birth!! Because I’m not!


Secondly, I want to show some photos from home births because there are many people who aren’t familiar with them. Many don’t actually realize how well trained, well prepared, and well equipped midwives are! You should see the amount of supplies these ladies haul into a house to ensure they have everything they need for a low-risk, “variations of normal” birth! The beauty in it all being these mamas are in the comfort of their own homes- with families, and pets, and music, and favorite snacks- all the while, oxygen tanks and IV’s wait at the ready in the next room.


Thirdly, these photos might make it look like all I do is sit around and take pictures instead of supporting my clients! The truth is, during a long labor there are many opportunities to snap photos. Also, since these are from my perspective what you don't see is what I'm doing (or where I am, or what leg I'm holding) when these photos are taken- and you surely don't want doula-in-action selfies!!


All that being said, enjoy seeing a glimpse into the labors and births of 2 sweet babies born on the same day in March 2016. 

*Slideshow viewing tip: Click on the slideshow for full screen view to see the full version of the portrait oriented photos.

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