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$400 Deposit due upon hire

Balance due at 38 weeks

I don't ever want finances to keep a family from being able to hire a doula. I am very happy to work with families on alternative payment plans or fee reductions on an as needed basis.

  • 1 Complimentary Consultation

  • At least 2 prenatal meetings

  • Comprehensive postpartum plan and online birth preferences worksheet

  • Phone, text, and email support leading up to the birth 

  • I will be on call for you starting at 38 weeks until the birth

  • Attendance of 1 prenatal appointment with your care provider, if desired

  • Support during labor, birth and just after

  • Birth photography, if desired

  • A postpartum visit to touch base, celebrate and process the experience with you

"Grace was an invaluable part of our first birth experience! We were planning a unmedicated, natural hospital birth, with a midwife and Grace as our doula. As my pregnancy progressed we found out that our baby was breech, throwing a bit of a wrinkle in our plans. Grace supported us every step of the way as I tried to get our baby to flip. After being unable to turn him, Grace was very invested in helping us with our planned C-section. Although they would not allow her to be in the operating room, it was great to have her and my husband preped for the OR. In the event that the baby had to be taken to the NICU, my husband could have gone with him and Grace could have joined me in the OR at that point. Thankfully, that wasn't nessisary. My husband was so grateful that we had Grace! During the time when they were prepping me for surgury, my husband wasn't allowed to be in the OR yet. My husband felt so supported and it was so good for him to have someone with him during this time! On top of all this great support, her pictures of our son's first hour of life are wonderful! We would recommend Grace to anyone, no matter what kind of birth you are planning!"


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